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Let’s Change Your Life



Individual Coaching

A collaborative, 1:1 partnership that finds the heart of your potential. We'll focus on high performance by raising your awareness and generating action-oriented goals. Our sessions focus both on altering your thinking and encouraging tangible work and progress. We aim to nurture intelligent, capable, and ambitious employees ready to take their place as leaders in the business world.


Group Coaching

Transform your leadership skills with our group coaching sessions with Kyra Lobbins. Our weekly sessions are designed to reinforce learning and bring about behavioral change, all while fostering a strong sense of accountability among group members. By applying problem-based learning to real work issues, leaders can immediately benefit from the skills they learn in our sessions.


Leadership Speaking

Elevate your leadership presence and learn the art of inspiring and confident public speaking. Our Leadership Speaking program is designed to help you build the confidence and skills necessary to communicate eloquently and inspire your audience. Whether you’re speaking in front of your team, at a conference, or in any other professional setting, our program will equip you with the tools you need to make a powerful and lasting impact.

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